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Welcome to the home page for the El Paso/Juarez Chapter of APICS,

the Association for Operations Management.

President's Messages

The November PDM was different than expected, Ricardo Blazquez started shaking hands and thanking each one of the people there. After he had met everyone, he told us that he had years without making a PowerPoint presentation. When the slides started we saw only beautiful pictures from Japanese nature or Toyota assembly lines without any words or numbers. Japanese music played in the background. He started defining TPS as a social system (due to its broad use) with principles that promote individual creativity with respect, dignity, and a certain amount of happiness. If the definition was not philosophical enough he added TPS is a bridge to a never-ending journey because improvement is a never-ending journey. After his definition he pointed out that most of the time people focus on the tools (kan-ban, JIT, poka-yoka) and they lose the essence of the nature of TPS. Sharing leadership is an important component of TPS because everybody has the expectation to improve his own workstation. I cannot describe the whole presentation but these are some pieces that kept my attention and were developed in more detail during the presentation: “Every operation is an experiment of improvement.” “Without a system the tools may die.” “TPS becomes a rhythm like breathing.” “Kaizen is not something that you open a door and you walk in.” “TPS is a system that promotes acts of difference not of presence.” “Sometimes disruption happens but it offers the opportunity for rebirth.” “In Toyota red is good, it is good to destroy our systems for improvement.” “What you want with TPS is to allow your people to bloom.” “Unlike most of western companies that seek one improvement of 1000, Toyota looks for 1000 improvements of 1!” “TPS is a place where you can expand and create infinite improvement.” “If you can predict the future you have control.” The last point that I want to highlight from Ricardo’s presentation is that he used some anecdotes to let us know that we need to be humble as leaders. And finally he diligently answered all of our questions.

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