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Welcome to the home page for the El Paso/Juarez Chapter of APICS,

the Association for Operations Management.

President's Messages

“’Tis the season…” that time before Christmas and New Year’s when we are challenged to meet the end of year targets and budgets. We are trying to focus on our annual results, but we are tossed by the wish lists of our spouses, families, team members, and leaders. This is a busy season! We, the Board of Directors of the El Paso/Juarez APICS Chapter understand. We won’t have a Professional Development Meeting in December. Use that evening to affect the lives of others by giving your time to them. The greatest gift we have is our time and the thing most spouses and significant others want from us is more time together. Give them that gift. Our presents for you this Christmas are: 1. Great programs for January through May 2. APICS for lunch starting in January 3. Principals Classes 4. CPIM Classes in El Paso and Juarez 5. CSCP Classes Invest in your future growth by planning to succeed. APICS Education and Training have helped many of us, and we can help you. Have a safe and wonder filled holiday season! Chet Frame

Events Calendar

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  • Chet Frame & Ralph Chiocco

    Nov 2012 PDM

  • Board of Directors

    Nov 2012 PDM

  • Dolores Case & Nov Raffle Winner
  • Guest Speaker - Ralph Chiocco
  • Nov 2012 PDM Attendees

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